We Are Fools

India is the most populated democracy and the sad truth is that this population has no value. We all are mere ‘LOTAS’ (a utensil with a round base). We run in herds and our top floors stop working. We are conformists.

Indian population still thinks highly in terms of caste and religion. I don’t know if it’s just sad or devastating instead. Some time back, I was watching the Big Fight on NDTV. One of the panelists, a Journalist herself, said in her rounding up statement based on her research that “We vote for our caste.”

Why is it that the person standing for a seat does not matter to us? Why is it that we don’t go about inspecting the background of these candidates? Why is it that we don’t understand the politics these parties try to play? Or are we just helpless because all of these people (well mostly) are the same, and we try to choose a better option from amongst the worst…?

Today they claim to be our well wishers and tomorrow come out barking and biting at us as if they have all the power… even though in a democracy rightly people must be the wielders of the power. These so called well wishers then, come in the position they contest for and forget they are our servants- PUBLIC SERVANTS- and not some minister only.

With all of these things running in my mind these days, the only thing which comes clearly as a conclusion is that we have been reduced to mere votes and the individuality, humanity and the concern for development from the grassroots has gone to dogs (literally). Ask a young person about politics and the most obvious answer you will get is “Its shit!”

Indian voters are caught between the devil and the deep sea. If we don’t vote, we don’t exercise our right and thus don’t have the right to vent out anger about the government that comes in the position and if we do, we don’t know, who to choose?

The biggest scam in these general elections is the new entry on the board, NOTA. This “none of the above” option, as I know, seems to be the choice of many young voters. But here’s an advice, I might sound all stupid, but if you are considering NOTA, then you are caught in a trap.

You will go and press NOTA and think you have exercised your right, but here’s the catch, your vote is still wasted- or say Indian systems are wasted. If most people go for NOTA, even then, the party which gets the maximum votes of people, shall form the government; minority rule.

So minority is okay, but deceiving people is definitely not. What sense NOTA makes, when the Election Commission cannot announce re-election if most people opt for NOTA? Its rather a trap for the literate classes (ahem ahem), they will think they have cast their vote, but it will remain as useless.

So lets imagine, someone gets frustrated of all of this and decides, hello! I must stand against it. So he does. He forms a party. He comes in power, because people seem to ‘vote for change.’ Then these age-old parties full of almost dead people and thugs and goons, start to harp on that new person like vultures.

They call him politically inexperienced. And I find that amusing. Extremely amusing. Yes AMUSING! I mean the poor guy tries to stand against the ill in the system, you smash him down the seat and call him inexperienced in every move he makes. He has got to be inexperienced because he has come there for the first time and experience comes when you let people work their way out. Everyone’s not lucky to have the points for being the part of national movement or when some party started the two party system here in India for the first time…was new too. And this was the path they tread as well.

Yes he is politically inexperienced. Because he did not buy people’s votes with tablets, laptops and cash, because he did not use the tool of caste and religion, because he did not loot people to come in news because he wanted to gain publicity for his might for standing for elections… instead people saw in him which all these politician have drained themselves off and have a tainted image now from the legacy of being in politics.

But its not their fault. Its OUR fault. We vote for these people and when they come in positions, we treat them like our masters and be their slaves… we must instead make them realize that they are our servants and meant to work for us and not boss around.

Its rather sad that India has never had a revolution I feel. The condition of this country is regressing day by day and we just slog harder by day to earn our bread and confine to our bread earning. Its sad that the young blood boils and resides momentarily. On one hand I see people of my age protesting on India Gate and facing water cannons for the brutal rape of some girl they don’t know and on the other hand they choose the comfortable option of criticising what’s going and returning back to our business.

We all love power. But somewhere, deep down we all also think how power to every individual divided equally would make this country a better place. Lofty words, I know, but lets not let this die. Its high time, we did something.

The next post, I shall tell you what you can do 😉

Happy Reading.