Our Very Own Superpower!

Everyone has his or her own personal fairy tale. Some are inspired from our very own Walt Disney popular style, some from the super hero stuff (flurry with happy endings). Sometimes our real life comes close to it and at other times we strive really hard.

Someone told me we all of have undiscovered super powers. I asked how one could find what really is the super power? And I do not remember the answer honestly. Or perhaps there is no answer at all.

Imagine if we could find what really is our super power. Imagine yourself playing in the field with your power and your friends with their own. Imagine how you could experiment with it. Find how it is fearful for your own self, and then you would find ways around it, recover and explore an absolutely new side of it.

Imagine you have been clumsy all your life. People laugh at you as you call for social embarrassment when you fall into the unnoticed dustbin, or drop an orange juice on your white top or slip by the pavement as you notice someone awesome cross paths with you.

And then imagine if you realise that could be your strength. You suddenly realise how you carried your luck unknowingly through things. Like when you fell into the dustbin, it was because you were saving yourself and so many others who could get hit by a fast moving car in the campus, but because they all were busy laughing at you, the car passed away. And hello, they did not even notice that and thank you!

Or when you dropped that orange juice on you white top, it formed an amazing pattern and it suddenly became the new hot summer trend for your peers too, and you could see all those people in the canteen dropping different juices in different pattern (I apologise if it sound inappropriate).

And that time when you slipped on the pavement, I am sure you would refer to that as unwanted attention from that person. But you know how they say someone who can laugh off the pain in the ass (literally here), can attract the best attention ever. That ways, it is easy to be spunky, cool, jazzy, and funny and guess what… great easy attention transferred all at the same time. Just smile looking straight into their eyes; you never know that person might just fall too.

I know this lies in the category of easier said than done. I do not really know what fits right for me. I am the clumsiest person you will ever come across. I dropped an entire tray of food in a dark theater hall as I tripped off a stair and by the end of that millisecond thanked God that no one saw. I do not know how I could fix that. The food was spoilt and a lot of money wasted. But then when I came back to my seat and thought about it, I realised how I was standing on the cash counter and thinking, “What if just happen to drop all of this while entering?” And that happened, for real.

It struck me how my thoughts manifested into a real action, involuntary though, but it did. So I am now discovering how I can transform my thinking into positive, constructive yet involuntary action and perhaps that is my super power. (Sounds absolutely bizarre, I know)

I have read a lot of motivational books and read about how the universe manifests your thinking into real time result for what you direct it to be like. I don’t know if there is universe listening to me, or a genie waiting for my command.

But I do understand that thoughts must come big as life for good reasons. We do not want to be harmed and we do not want to be hurt. So why not strive for positive action and let the power lie in it. That might just be this humanity’s biggest super power ever.

“For my personal fairy tale, has good in store for all.”

Happy Reading.


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