Tunnels & Pedestals


Success is overrated and ambitions are exaggerated.

If you worked hard enough, the luck was on your side and you did actually reach the pinnacle of your dreams, that high point in your life for which you had been pining for countless days; in all likelihood, upon experiencing it, it must have dawned upon you that this feeling, this “rush” of emotions isn’t what you hyped it up to be.

Very rarely would you find that the moment you had been waiting for with bated breath for days, months or even years, would live up to your expectations. You might have envisaged it as a chimera, but if and when it does materialize, you realize that it was more fascinating as a chimera. This feeling of having made ‘it’ pales in comparison to the satisfaction that arrived at the end of the day from inching your way towards the end of the tunnel successfully, in absolute darkness. The darkness of the tunnel is what you revelled in. But now, it is just a closed chapter and as the next one awaits to be delved into, you just know that even in this one, the journey would be more riveting than whatever is waiting at the end. Because before one moves on, the memories he commits to his brain are not of the light that is the final place, but the dark that is the way.

And now, about the memories. We all know that feeling of nostalgia, that picture perfect past which we have left behind to now live in the seemingly dystopian world, drudging through the monotonies of life, forlorn and melancholic. But seldom do we realize that memories too, have been exalted way beyond their original stature to put them on a pedestal, away from scrutiny, away from those prying eyes. They have been romanticized so as to make us believe in the notion that our past was so much better than our present and although there’s no humanly way possible to relive our memories (Oh someone please vivify Dumbledore’s Pensieve!), I am pretty sure that if we could, we would realize that they too have been glorified into something they weren’t. We imagine things we might have been feeling at that time in our oh so fond memories, but rarely do we realize that at the time we were actually living those moments, they weren’t that special. The vagaries of life have distorted our notion of the past and at our present situation in life, we tend to be overly reminiscent about the past and overly enthusiastic about the future. And when the future comes, the past is all we want to relive.

Sad, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Tunnels & Pedestals

  1. I’m yet to taste success, but i can only smile on how beautifully this article brings forwards our obsession with the past and our hope for the future.


  2. Beautifully written..
    The ease with which u narrated the thot that must hv crossed everybody’s mind at one point of time is commendable.
    Moreover i appreciate the way u focus on small detailings which help readers to grasp the broader picture.


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